Easy Holiday Clean Up Tips

Posted on Dec 26, 2014

Easy Holiday Clean Up Tips

So the presents have been opened, the guests have left and the holiday rush is over! Now what? Chances are you have a mess to clean up. If you had a big Christmas party or you’re planning a big New Year’s get-together, Wal-Mart   and Ones Nest share some tips that you can put in place before and during the event to make cleanup a breeze. Wining and Dining has great tips for cleaning pots & pans and other hard to clean items. If you need even more help in that department, the Cleaning Institute has the solutions. We especially love the Organized Home’s clutter-clearing protocol for cleaning up after Christmas AND getting you ready for the New Year.

Even though cleaning up the aftermath is hard work, it was worth it, wasn’t it?  We hope we’ve given you some tips that will not only help you clean up this year but also help you get a head start on next years festivities too!

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